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What you need to know. A significant difference between tobacco products is the strength, determined by the content of nicotine and tar, indicated by the color of the pack (the darker, the stronger). According to the main criterion, they are: soft – from elite varieties of tobacco, for example, Stone Domingo, Dunhill, More, Blackberry Black, with menthol or other flavors; strong – the indicators of nicotine and tar are so high that from the first puff they cause saturation of the body and, as a result, quick addiction; medium – the “golden” mean between light and strong, give a not too pronounced, but rather bright effect; medium-strong – combine the advantages of two types; medium-soft – another combination, but close to ultra-soft; super-strong – addressed to smokers with experience, whose body is ready for a single-step intake of a large amount of alkaloid.

A classic cigarette is a paper tube made of cut raw tobacco, wrapped in special paper. It comes in various lengths, thicknesses and cross-sectional shapes, with and without filter, without additives and flavored, with all sorts of flavors / aromas, among which are popular menthol, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, orange, coconut, cherry, tropical fruits.

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