Bond cigarettes have gained great fame and popularity around the world. The brand was born in London and has existed on the tobacco market for 50 years. Cigarettes got their name from the street on which the first tobacco shop with this product was located. To date, the Bond brand, or rather their cigarettes, has acquired various types of Bond cigarettes. They differ in their composition and the presence of tar and nicotine in them. The brand was overbought by the Americans and has since been considered a product from the United States. Let’s take a closer look.

All about the brand. Bond cigarettes are manufactured by Philips Morris. In the 1990s, there were changes in the design of packaging and it acquired the appearance that it has now. Those who are concerned about health, and do not want to harm their health with poor-quality, choose light Bond cigarettes.

Most often, people aged 20 to 40 years indulge in smoking. Nicotine addiction subordinates them not only physiologically, but also psychologically. Smoking has long been more than just a habit. It is very difficult for addicts to imagine their lives without this addiction. The brand of cigarettes has become an indicator of status and position in society.

The very first cigarettes were distinguished by their strength, but after some time there were lighter options. On modern shelves you can find both classic Bond Street and ultra-thin variations, which are usually preferred by the ladies who want to be liked by men.

Many people are interested in this brand due to its consonance with the Bond films. The packaging is decorated with a coat of arms with a crown, which also attracts attention. Initially, Bond cigarettes belonged to the average price category and were very popular at the beginning of the century.

The modified packaging was to everyone’s liking, as it became more durable and solid. In 2006, Bond Street Special appeared which is attributed to premium products.