The tradition of smoking was common still in ancient Egypt at the time of the pharaohs, which is confirmed by archaeological finds – clay pipes. During the New History, the tobacco became popular owing to the Spaniards, who brought it from America at the turn of the 15th-16th centuries. The spread of smoking was contributed by addiction as well as the faith in the healing properties of tobacco. As a result, the production of tobacco products became a profitable business, especially after the smokers got opportunities to buy cigarettes online.

One of the popular brands to buy cigarettes online is L&M.

At the moment, there are 5 types of L&M.
Conventionally, they are divided into:
“L. M. Red Label “- for those who love tobacco. Cigarettes have a great strength, contain 12 mg of tar. One such pack equals one spoon of pitch. Are easily smoked, have a pleasant taste, even though they are so strong.
“LM Blue Label” is currently the most popular type. It contains 6 mg of tar.
There is a loft-type new packaging, the option with a neat and stylish pack that will hit you by seeking options to buy cigarettes online.
Cigarettes of this type have the following types:

Sea Blue is a blue pack containing 4 mg of resin.
“Blue” – a lighter version of the “Blue Label”, contains 6 mg of resin.
“Night Blue” – for those who love strong tobacco, this type contains 8 mg of tar.
We draw your attention to one of the types of brands. This is L. M., in which there is a 2in1 capsule. They contain 5 mg of tar. In the filter there is a capsule, burst it and smoke a cigarette with a pleasant menthol flavor. You can not crack it, and then get the usual taste of tobacco. Cigarettes L. M. with menthol are different from others in that the taste of the capsule tends to citrus, leaving no aftertaste.