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Today, tobacco has conquered most parts of the world. Before the first cigarettes appeared, snuff was the predominant form of tobacco. At that time, the smell of burning tobacco was not in the air and smoking rituals as we know them today were unknown.

Tobacco is one of the oldest stimulants in the world. Tobacco is native to the Americas. It grows only in particularly sunny areas. The first people to eat tobacco were the Native Americans. They smoked tobacco stoppers rolled with corn leaves in a pipe or smoked crushed tobacco in a reed pipe. Initially, only priests and medicine men smoked it. In the 16th century, Spanish colonists discovered the consumption of tobacco and brought it to Europe. Tobacco spread further from England.

The cigarette manufacturing process takes place on an assembly line. Tobacco production begins with the specialized preparation of tobacco leaves. Tobacco is then chopped using the latest technology. Computers know the exact amount and mixing ratio of tobacco that is best suited for filter cigarettes. After the tobacco is moistened, it is packed in special rolling papers, twisted, folded, and rolled. After the tobacco is wound, a filter is inserted. After the tobacco is packaged, it is wrapped in a protective film to keep it fresh for a long time.

In the case of cigarettes, concepts such as minimum retail price and wholesale price have developed. Their purpose is to prevent budget shortfalls due to the sale of cigarettes. For this reason, the price of cigarettes may vary from one retailer to another, but at the same time will never fall below a defined level, forming cheap cigarettes.

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