In 2013, Camel cigarettes celebrated their 100th anniversary. At the beginning of the last century, they became one of the first packaged cigarettes. Before that, smokers bought tobacco and paper separately and made hand-rolled cigarettes to their liking. The emergence of a new brand eliminated the need to waste time twisting. Smoking is now much easier to enjoy because there is an opportunity to buy Camel Cigarettes online Australia.

Today, Camel cigarettes are worth trying for everyone who wants to appreciate the mild balanced taste of the so-called American blend. Its peculiarity is the contrasting combination of strong and tart oriental tobacco varieties with aromatic light Virginia. In our time, this recipe has already become a classic, but for the first time it was developed specifically for Camel and serves now as an attraction to buy Camel Cigarettes online in Australia.

Camel was already a pioneer in the tobacco industry back then and was the first company to switch from boxes of 10 to boxes of 20. After a very short time, almost all other brands took over. Camel has thus shaped the image of today’s cigarette pack from the ground up. Nowadays, just like in the beginning, the camel consists of Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobacco.

How Camel got on the camel
The name Camel comes from the fact that the manufacturer R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company wanted to create a connection to the Orient, as the main component of the cigarette consists of oriental tobacco. The funny thing is that there is no camel on the logo, but a dromedary that goes by the name “Old Joe”. Old Joe was a circus drummer who happened to be a guest with the Barnum and Bailey circus in Winston-Salem – the place of residence of R. J. Reynolds at the time of the logo development phase.

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