The world sale of filtered and cheap cigarettes online is expanding. At first, they were conceived as a ladies’ option. But since it was convenient to smoke them, and the strength did not suffer much, they were able to displace the mouthpiece from wide use. A whole generation of male cigarette lovers with a filter has grown up. Some didn’t smoke anything else. Their production and, consequently, sales volumes have increased significantly. At the same time, the rest of the tobacco products produced earlier remained a small place in the market, which is still unshakable.

The filter itself has also gone through improvements. It became larger in size (the King Size standard is 2.4 cm by 60 cm of tobacco capsule). Then it began to be manufactured using the latest technologies. In a modern filter, there are several chambers that contribute to the maximum purification of smoke heading into the human lungs. Activated carbon is also introduced into the composition, adsorbing a considerable part of the harmful substances. Of course, such a filter may not solve the global problem of harm from smoking, but in fairness it mitigates the effects of a bad habit. The best proof is an increase in average life expectancy.

The cigarette filter is part of many cigarettes, a cylinder of acetate fiber wrapped in paper. Smokers search for such filtered and cheap cigarettes online. The filter is advertised as designed to reduce the amount of tar and nicotine in the inhaled smoke of a cigarette. The effectiveness of filtering cigarette smoke allegedly depends on the length of the filter, the diameter of the threads, additional compositions. As an additive, manufacturers can use activated carbon. Industrialists benefit from producing filters. They are based, as already indicated, on cellulose. It costs a penny. By allocating a third of the cigarette space under the protective layer, manufacturers leave less space for tobacco. However, smokers prefer to purchase filtered and cheap cigarettes online.