Nowadays, ladies tend to smoking and searching for cheap cigarettes, but before, a woman who consumed tobacco was an exception to the rules.
For the first time, the situation changed in 1924, when the cigarettes for women appeared on the American market.
They were called Marlboro; their production was taken over by the company Philip Morris. Over time, other brands of women’s cigarettes appeared to let women find cheap cigarettes for themselves.

At that time, the release of cigarettes for women bordered on insanity. It was similar to the current situation over the sale of cigarettes to the children.
The appearance of such a product was a matter of time – the 1920s was a period of active activity by suffragists, women actively fighting for universal suffrage.
The ladies wanted perfect equality, even with habits. However, smoking was not so, the first information confirmed by the research and reported on the harm of tobacco appeared in the press until 1957.

The Marlboro cigarettes were sold in a snow-white box decorated with ornate inscriptions. The filter had a special red-colored stripe.
Despite these tricks, as well as an ad campaign that depicts a smoker in the form of a worldly lioness smoking her cigarette in her elegant fingers, the popularity of this product was not high. Later, the brand had to “change the ground”.
The second brand of cigarettes, which was positioned as women’s cigarettes, was the Vogue brand. When advertising this brand in the consumer’s imagination, the image of a smoker was drawn in the person of a self-confident, sophisticated and stylish woman.
At that time the ladies cigarettes were quite expensive at the beginning. Later, the prices were significantly reduced. The tendency had been to offer women cheap but really cheap cigarettes. The trend that still persists and is market leading.
It is easy to notice, if for example the prices of online shops can be overviewed.