We often get an intriguing question from the customer check services. They ask us to explain why we order discount cigarettes from online retailers.

They think that we are probably interested in special discounts or we are a crazy shopper. Neither of that! We wish to order discount cigarettes because we want to smoke them!

We really love to smoke! And in general we refuse to understand how people do not like to smoke; after all, smoking is a rare occupation that can be enjoyed alone or in a noisy company.

We consider smoking people as cleverer than those who never touched cigarettes; these are people who constantly improve their imagination, people of Big Thoughts, people who are able to look into themselves and comprehend the needs of their bodies. While a cigarette is burning, persons manage to remember the happy childhood, to imagine that they are free of boredom and are able to create great plans. And how many new great ideas we got while working, with a lit cigarette in my right hand! Do you think, we would manage to do the same if were unable to find discount cigarettes on online shops and daily smoke? Surely, we would not.

Do you think, we will accept opinions of those who criticize us for smoking? Surely, we will not.

We can better estimate the values of smoking. Finally, this is my choice what we have to do.
Really, non-smokers trouble us every time they are facing someone who smokes. They are just waiting for the moment to indicate that we do not have to smoke, or even more, cry that “no smoking” bans must be valid everywhere. This is a kind of hysteria. But we go on ordering discount cigarettes for our pleasure and do not care what anyone can say or think about that.