The brand of Drum cigarettes is known for its cigarettes. Below is some information about the Drum brand: HISTORY: Drum is a tobacco brand with a long history hailing from the Netherlands. It is popular among self-twirling enthusiasts.

This tobacco is commonly used in Drum cigarettes. This type of tobacco is usually sold in packs, and smokers can choose the strength and amount of tobacco in each cigarette.

Quality and popularity: Drum has a consistent image of high quality cigarettes and enjoys wide popularity among those who prefer self rollers.

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What are Drum cigarettes?

Variety of flavors and strengths: Drum cigarettes are available in a variety of strengths and flavors according to smokers’ preferences. Drum cigarettes first appeared on the Dutch market in 1952 and quickly gained international recognition. Today DRUM is the “number one” tobacco in terms of sales and is sold in more than 80 countries around the world. Top quality tobacco blends of Drum cigarettes consist of 50% light Virginia, 30% Burley and Oriental and 20% dark Kentucky. All blends are made according to a special recipe from carefully selected tobacco leaves. They do not contain chemical ingredients and therefore have the pure flavor of natural tobacco.