Why do certain people start switching to a new brand of cigarettes? What is it connected with? And this is due to the fact that the time comes when you need to radically change smoking in your life. Change light cigarettes to more intense ones, and thereby let yourself know that you can do this.

And Henri Wintermans cigarettes are always a product of a new, higher level of smoking. Because the experience of expert blenders engage for the stunning taste and original aroma of Henri Wintermans cigarettes. The ability to create the desired “bouquet” from all the different aromas and tastes is the real criterion for evaluating the skill of tobacco experts.

All three components of Henri Wintermans cigarettes use tobaccos from Indonesia, and thus give them a distinctive aroma and appearance. Cuban tobaccos add a richer and spicier flavor to the filler, enhancing the pleasure of Henri Wintermans cigarettes. Tobacco from the Dominican Republic, due to its mildness, is an ideal filler ingredient. Brazilian tobacco of a specific dark brown color gives the cigar a distinctive character and rich aroma.

You can buy this product online for your convenience. The online store is the first full-scale store, and the most complete range of products is offered to your attention. For the highest quality of goods, the store owner is responsible personally to the buyers! After all, the online store since its inception, has never tried to instill a bad habit in smokers. On the contrary, everything is aimed only at raising tobacco consumption to a civilized level.

What are Henri Wintermans cigarettes?

The first appearance of this brand took place in 1934. A small factory established by the Winterman brothers step by step turned into a huge concern. At the present moment the brand is widely spread in many countries all over the world. Due to the highest quality, variety of flavors and reasonable prices, machine-rolled cigarettes of this brand are very popular among lovers of elite types of smoking. To better experience the taste, you need to briefly hold the smoke in your mouth, and then slowly release it. Many of them start to drag out towards the end. First they enjoy the taste, and then they get their portion of nicotine.