Karelia Slims are the world-famous brand of thin modern premium quality cigarettes, which belongs to the George Karelias and Sons family. The brand appeared in 1995, but its parent company had been founded still in 1888. The founder of the company was the Greek tobacco grower George Karelias.

Karelia Tobacco Company Inc. is nowadays one of the oldest tobacco corporations. Although the company appeared in the 19th century and is already aged, it managed to develop its business to the highest level, to maintain its independence and adherence to the original Greek traditions of tobacco cultivation. The main products of the company are smoking tobacco, cigarettes, tobacco paper, cigarillos.

The Karelia Slims Cigarettes were created as an independent brand for one good reason – they had to expand the market of loyal customers of the company “George Karelias and Sons”. This was the goal, which was reached well, expanding the number of the brand’s admirers of the young generation. For the manufacturing of thin cigarettes protected by the Karelia Slims brand, innovative technologies are now used used: high-efficiency filters, refined tobacco of excellent quality, natural paper.

The smoking of Karelia Slims cigarettes is relatively easy because these cigarettes really have a wonderful taste. The manufacturer does not use synthetic additives, tobacco syrup, artificially created flavors and genetically modified products.

For the preparation of the tobacco brand, only natural ingredients are used, which makes it possible to classify Karelia Slims as an extended category of organic cigarettes. If you want to be in touch with the Greek traditions, try to once feel the taste of natural tobacco. We strongly recommend you to visit our online store to place an order of these cigarettes. We sell only the original products of world-known tobacco manufacturers! You will never be disappointed with the quality of cigarettes you order in our online store!