By the standards of the modern market, the brand Kent Cigarettes has already been quite a respectable age – more than 60 years. During this period of time, the popularity of these cigarettes was not constant – consumers’ interest led the brand to both the sales leaders and lowered it to the level of middle peasants. Some time after its appearance, Kent cigarettes became very popular due to its innovativeness, but over time, competitors started to produce a similar product, so the demand for Kent’s products fell. After several attempts at cigarettes, Kent managed to be returned to the list of sales leaders, and this was done thanks to a return to the original concept of brand promotion.

During their heyday, they were so in demand that in some countries they were even used as currency – for bundles and blocks of Kent it was possible to purchase certain goods and even services. A few years later, when science proved that asbestos provokes lung cancer, it was decided to replace the filter in cigarettes with asbestos-free – Micronite, which allowed the company to rise above its competitors in the eyes of its consumers. There were initially applied filters in Kent in 1952. In the period from March 1952 to May 1956, filters of Kent Cigarettes consisted of a variety of asbestos, now carbon filters are used.

The marketing activity of the company looked very unusual, but sales of cigarettes of this brand increased from year to year, and the main market in the 60-70s of the last century was the United States of America. In the late 70-ies the brand was acquired by the British American Tobacco Group, and began its implementation outside the American continent.

At that time, all the competitors just talked about the lightness and rich flavor of their cigarettes, so BAT managers decided to go another way: to play on the emotional sensations of smokers. As a slogan, the words “Freshness. Calmness. Softness “, the promotional materials were acquired as a background images of nature and painted in soft blue tones.