The L & M brand is owned by the Philip Morris International, what makes it to one of the largest tobacco corporations in the world. Cigarettes of the same brand first appeared in the market in 1953. The brand name consists of capital letters of the names of its creators, American businessmen John Edmond Liggett and Smith Meyers.

The start of sales in the North American market showed that the quality of L & M tobacco products is comparable to the leading representatives of the tobacco industry. The manufacturer company managed to immediately gain an impressive market share. The secret of success was a fundamentally new filter, which was supplied with all cigarettes of the above-mentioned brand. Unlike competitors, Liggett and Myers decided that the filter should be an integral part of the cigarette, and must necessarily be white-colored. Such a commercial approach was unusual for the fifties, but turned out to be successful!

In the period of1960es-1970es, the brand began its expansion into the Latin American market, to Europe, the Arab countries and the states of Asia. L & M cigarettes quickly gained popularity in new markets that is why the manufacturer decided to focus on invasion of new territories for further sales. Currently, the products of this famous brand are positioned among the top three most popular cigarette brands of the world, ranking the second place in the global sales rating.

L & M Cigarettes are liked by smokers who prefer the classic taste of American tobacco blend, the varieties of Oriental, Virginia and Burley tobaccos have the dominant role in the production of these special cigarettes. You can easily place orders to buy cigarettes of this manufacturer in our online store and can be assured that you will buy the original products of the highest quality only. Just place your order!