When you buy these cigarettes, you can see the classic representative of the American school of tobacco production – the world-famous brand of Lucky Strike Cigarettes. The company dates back to 1871. At the origins of the trademark there stood RA. Patterson – the seller of chewing tobacco, which decided to expand the scope of its activities and for a number of reasons, acquired a small manufactory.

The entrepreneur managed to buy a tobacco factory, which was badly damaged in the fire, with burnt tobacco stocks. An experienced trader did not miss the opportunity to earn raw harvested raw materials and mixed the burned tobacco with fresh, resulting in a new original taste, which later became the basis of Lucky Strike’s blend. Fried tobacco, mixed with raw materials, dried in the sun, became a trademark of the trade mark!

In 1905, Lucky Strike Cigarettes became part of a gigantic American Tobacco Company, which later became part of the transnational corporation British American Tobacco. In 1917, the brand suffered a rebranding, which resulted in a new pack with the loud slogan “Lucky Strike means fine tobacco”. Blend also experienced some changes – only fried tobacco was added to it. From 1935 to 1960, the brand was leading in the US and the world in terms of sales.

During the Second World War, marketers worked hard to position the brand. The packaging lost its usual dark green coloring, which made the new pack more attractive for women – elegant white color, diluted with a red target, became the fashion trendsetter of its time.

Currently, Lucky Strike Cigarettes are manufactured in Europe. On sale are available cigarettes with a filter and without it, as well as menthol products. You can buy cult American cigarettes online and you will not be disappointed at all.