Marlboro is one of the largest cigarette brands. Their fame began in 1950 with cowboy advertising. From there, the rise of the brand began. Made from an American blend blend, the products are fine and spicy in aroma. Marlboro cigarettes impress with their unmistakable tobacco enjoyment. Are you annoyed by the rising cigarette prices? Then take a look at our Marlboro cigarettes.

You can say it more or less boldly: smokers who have never heard of the Marlboro cigarettes; there are not. After all, the brand, founded in 1902 by none other than Philip Morris, is so well-known and successful that one can easily speak of an incomparable success story. The curious thing is that at first it didn’t look like it at all; because: already in the first years after the foundation it did not go very well for Marlboro. Even the attempt to offer the product as a pure women’s cigarette including a suitable advertising slogan (“Mild As May”) did not help – and shortly before the

Second World War, the brand even disappeared completely from the market.

But then – and with the beginning of the 50s – the success story of the brand slowly but surely began to pick up speed. Marlboro cigarettes with filters (which nobody really wanted before) were suddenly enormously hip – and with the striking, almost still current packaging design in the colors red and white, the course was set for future successes. That was finally reached by selling Marlboro cigarettes online. In particular, via our online store.

What are Marlboro cigarettes?

If one tries to associate the aroma and taste of cigarettes in any way with the concept of “classic”; you can hardly avoid dropping the name of Marlboro cigarettes. There are regular and stronger cigarette variants. More precisely, one could also say that cigarettes of the Marlboro brand come closer to the idea of a classic cigarette enjoyment than almost any other brand. It is dominated by a pure, relatively unaffected tobacco taste with a pleasant intensity and a slight sweetness. You just can’t go wrong with a cigarette like this, or in other words, a brand like Marlboro cigarettes should taste good to every smoker.