Heets universal sticks are used in electronic heating systems. When smoking tobacco products, they do not have a pungent aroma of nicotine. Heets has a large line of different flavors. The online store of our company offers to order and buy iqos heat sticks Australia wide at a low price. Delivery of goods is carried out; we deliver iqos heat sticks Australia wide.

Have a product overview to order iqos heat sticks Australia wide. The new Heats sticks make the smoking process interesting. Despite the fact that they contain several times less tobacco than a regular cigarette, they satisfy nicotine hunger several times stronger. In this case, the dose of nicotine obtained is enough for 2-3 hours.

These products give a pleasant aroma and aftertaste of lime, menthol, flowers. On each pack, a natural aromatic additive is indicated by the official manufacturer. An important feature of the line is the use of the 3 best compressed varieties of tobacco in production. Products are stacked in packs of original design and color.

Pros of buying iqos heat sticks Australia wide. It is more profitable to buy iqos heat sticks Australia wide. They are suitable for the Iqos heating system. Impregnation with the addition of glycerin + propylene glycol makes the smoking process soft, and does not irritate the upper respiratory tract. The advantages of buying iqos heat sticks Australia wide in the online shop of our company are: 1. High quality of raw materials used. 2. No burning, as in cigarettes. 3. The nicotine content in 1 stick is 0.5 mg. 4. Rich, concentrated, dense aroma.

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