IQOS HEETS Yellow Label is a mild tobacco taste with intense aroma, harmoniously emphasized by exquisite spicy notes.
How to clean IQOS HEETS Yellow Label device well, keeping it for a long time of use? To keep the IQOS HEETS Yellow Label device clean, special cleaning brushes and other accessories are already in the box when purchased. But even after cleaning with a brush, a small deposit remains, which can negatively affect the device itself and the pleasure of using it. For example, the taste of IQOS HEETS Yellow Label sticks can be more bitter.
Many are afraid of damaging their expensive IQOS HEETS Yellow Label heating devices and therefore give them to special organizations for the cleaning of such devices. However, this really hits the pocket of the owners of the device, and isn’t it easier to do the cleaning at home?

The main problem with the holders is the tobacco sticking to the walls, bottom and blade of the holder. If there is too much carbon deposit, the device may stop functioning altogether. Therefore, the manufacturer itself – Philip Morris recommends using the included cleaning devices for the holder.
The device is a small pencil case, consisting of 2 parts and a plastic spatula. The two parts of the pencil case are the brushes, one for the cap and the other for the holder itself with the heating element. An IQOS HEETS Yellow Label stick is needed to remove the remaining tobacco inside the holder and from small brushes (two parts of the cleaning box).

It is recommended to carry out a full cleaning after every 20 smoking sessions. Correctly clean the heater by rotating one of the parts of the case. It is not necessary to press hard or stick / protrude the cleaning device. Do everything carefully. This method of caring for your icos is one of the most effective methods for removing carbon deposits, we will discuss the rest below.

How to remove odor
The characteristic unpleasant smell of burnt tobacco remains inside each holder. To remove it, as the manufacturer advises, you need to use automatic cleaning + special devices (pencil case with brushes or additional sticks with alcohol). As noted, the main thing is sticks with alcohol, it is alcohol that will destroy all the smell, and then it will dissipate itself. The main thing is to handle your holder carefully and do not touch the blade with it.