Rothmans cigarettes are of high quality. It is this commitment to old habits that sets the British apart from the rest of the world. A spirit of conservatism permeates everything – fashion, cuisine, architecture and lifestyle. The same goes for the culture of smoking. Cigarettes, cigars, pipes and the paraphernalia of smoking have not changed radically for a long time. For many years, the British preferred cigarettes made from high quality Virginia tobacco.

In 1890, a young entrepreneur opened a shop in Fleet Street. It was the smallest tobacconist’s shop in a street lined with many kiosks.

Sales grew so much that Louis was able to open another shop in the fashionable Pall Mall district, home to royal residences and English gentleman’s clubs. His customers included Lord Rothermere, Lord Northcliffe and Sir James Wilcox.

In 1919, Louis took his son Sidney into the company, who developed the advertising side of his father’s business. Periodicals of the time provided information on new tobacco brands, prices and how to buy.

With the support of the British government’s colonial policy, the production of Rothmans cigarettes using Rhodesian tobacco continued to develop. The family business opened new stores in the heart of the British capital and established a subsidiary in India.

Tobacco companies were acquired in Europe and the United States, and contracts were signed to manufacture Dunhill and Rothmans brand cigarettes in China. The tobacco business and the manufacture of high-value accessories merged, and Rothmans reached new heights. Rothmans cigarettes were man’s ultimate wealth.

What are Rothmans cigarettes?

The Rothmans range offers “demi click” capsules. These are tobacco products that were distinguished from the rest by British quality standards. They are made from premium tobacco leaves with a special flavor that was appreciated by natural tobacco lovers. The additional flavor naturally overshadows the tobacco taste without overpowering it. Demi Click is equipped with a new generation Premium+ filter. This filter keeps its shape during smoking, does not leak and does not deform.Rothmans cigarettes are manufactured according to the new “Reduced Smell” technology. This reduces the smell of tobacco while smoking, while preserving the taste of tobacco. This effect is achieved by using a special paper. The cartons are designed in a uniform style and are richly coloured in blue and blue. To the left of the tobacco name is a button from which beams of light emanate in different directions, like stars. Depending on the flavor of the capsule, some design elements vary in color.