“As long as a person has wine and cigarettes, he or she can endure a lot,” wrote the American writer Charles Bukowski. That’s how it is, Charles, but if any wine is suitable in principle, then with cigarettes things are different. For example, some Richmond cigarettes with capsules will help you to endure only one thing – the lesson that it is better to smoke such cigarettes namely. But why this kind of cigarette is worth smoking, you will find out right now.

Richmond cigarettes are elite cigarettes, which are made by mixing the first-class tobacco varieties. For the cigarette tube, not plain paper is used, as in many other cigarettes, but reconstituted natural leaves. This allows you to fully enjoy the taste and aroma of tobacco of Richmond cigarettes.

Main pros of Richmond cigarettes:

Design. Stylish packaging, tobacco-colored cigarettes with pearl filter and gold edging. Gold brand name on the filter. Looks really stylish.

Tobacco. As mentioned above, first-class tobacco is used for these Richmond cigarettes. For example, if you previously smoked some conditional cigarettes, then after smoking Richmond, you will immediately feel the difference. Smell. After these Richmond cigarettes, there is no such strong smell. I will not say, of course, that there is no smell at all, but it is much more pleasant.

The Richmond cigarettes of Compact Blue and Richmond Compact Purple versions with flavored mixes of tobacco are produced in a compact format and belong to the first-price group.

Distinctive features of the Richmond cigarettes of Compact Blue version are a mix of tobacco, which is complemented by a coffee aroma, and a filter with an air camera.

Distinctive features of the Richmond cigarettes of Compact Purple version are a mix of tobacco, which is complemented by a fruity aroma, an air camera filter containing a berry flavor capsule, and a sweet filter paper.

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