Although these cigarettes are known as American Legends, they were actually born and produced in Greece. Greek tobacco production has always been limited, but that did not stop it from gaining worldwide popularity. Greek producers made the right choice, choosing loyal customers over international expansion.

Unlike many brands that have disappeared or lost their independence over time, George Karelias & Sons Greek tobacco is positioned as a premium product and has been owned by the same family since 1888. Representatives of the Karelias brand have successfully continued the tradition of the family tobacco business, attracting smokers with its affordable prices and diverse product line.

Unique aroma, strong spice flavor, and rich white smoke – these are the hallmarks of American Legend cigarettes. This product is bound to win the favor of seasoned smokers.

The American Legend cigarettes make smoking fun. They satisfy the hunger for nicotine several times better than some usual tobacco items, while using several times less tobacco. At the same time, the nicotine content is enough for a 2-3 hour smoke.

Why is online shopping for American Legend cigarettes so popular? First, online shopping is more convenient than going to a regular store. Many online stores are open 24/7, allowing buyers to shop at their convenience. There is no need to spend time going to the store, finding a place to park your car, or walking around town looking for the right product. Simply go to the website, check the categories, select the desired product, and a few mouse clicks are all that is needed.

What are American Legend cigarettes?

American Legend cigarettes are positioned as a classic American blend that includes Burley, Oriental, and Virginia varieties popular in southern North America. This blend of cigarettes uses only the highest quality ingredients that are carefully dried. The cigarettes are stacked in two rows. There are inscriptions on them, and made in three different fonts. Everything is very beautiful and exquisite. The cigarettes themselves are densely packed, very neatly made. The strength of the cigarettes is not indicated on the packet, but they turned out to be quite strong. The flavor is dense and very rich. You can feel the natural Virginia, there is a soft and pleasant sauce with creamy notes.