Benson & Hedges was founded by partners Richard Benson and William Hedges. The company was founded back in 1873. They were in the business of manufacturing and selling tobacco. The idea of the partners was to sell tobacco in tins that would keep it fresh. Other manufacturers sold tobacco by the kilogram. Benson and Hedges’ innovation was well received by customers. Everyone wanted to buy tobacco that could be kept fresh without spending a huge amount of money.

Twelve years after the company was founded, Richard Benson died and was succeeded by Alfred Paget, son of William Hedges. After this, a new era began for Benson & Hedges. Founded in London, the company expanded into European and American markets, including opening a directly operated store in New York City. The cigarettes had a distinctive flavor and were a success. Benson & Hedges used different varieties of tobacco in the production of Benson & Hedge cigarettes. It was an innovation that everyone wanted to try.

After a while, a store owned by the company was opened in Canada. Gradually, the company began to open stores all over the world, even in places where other brands did not have stores. By the fifties of the twentieth century, Benson & Hedges had a huge number of branches and stores around the world. However, in 1954, the company was bought by the famous brand Philip Morris, which a year later was taken over by Gallaher. It was thanks to them that the pure gold filter appeared in cigarettes. Today, this filter is known simply as a gold filter. It was a breakthrough for the company, and no other cigar brand could boast something similar. Not surprisingly, cigarettes are still made using this filter today.

In most cases, tobacco of the “Virginia” variety is used in production. Buyers note its characteristic taste and rich smell. According to them, it is difficult to refuse such tobacco. At the same time, the price of tobacco is not as high as other brands. This also contributes to an increase in the number of tobacco buyers.

What are Benson & Hedge cigarettes?

Benson & Hedge cigarettes are still manufactured today. Benson & Hedge cigarettes are sold in gold, silver and green packs. The first is aimed at smokers who prefer a thicker, fuller flavor. The second is for smokers who prefer a softer, velvety tobacco flavor with less nicotine. The green packs are for those customers who prefer menthol cigarettes with a cool, breath-freshening aftertaste. Northern Irish tobacco is characterized by the Virginia tobacco blend. Unlike the classic “American blend”, British tobacco blends are available in Virginia filler, full and medium flavors. Buy Benson & Hedges tobacco and you will immediately recognize its flavor profile.