Karelia cigarettes are Greek cigarettes with organic smoking material, without synthetic additives. This is a premium tobacco from a world-famous manufacturer. The series positions itself as a product of elite quality, focused on connoisseurs of tobacco varieties of the highest category.

The brand of Karelia cigarettes belongs to the manufacturer of Karelia Tobacco Company Inc., a corporation that appeared in 1888 in Greece. The company’s headquarters are located in Kalamata. The founder of the production is tobacco grower George Karelias and his brother Stathis. The production of Karelia cigarettes began with a small shop of the brothers George and Statis Karelia. For a long time, their business was not up to par. In 1950, sales of the shop began to bear fruit, and a little later the brothers gained fame.

In 1970, Karelia Brothers (the old name of the brand) signed a contract with the American brand RJ Reynolds, and at the end of 1990 with the Japanese manufacturer Japan Tobacco International, but in 2000 all contracts were terminated and the company actively began to promote its production of Karelia cigarettes.

The Karelia Tobacco produces only natural products. In cigarettes there are no additives of chemical and synthetic origin, the amount of harmful substances is reduced to a minimum percentage.

Their difference is in oriental Greek tobacco, which contains a lot of sugar (20%). This type of leaf gives a pleasant aftertaste and provides ease of tightening. Raw materials are dried according to the proprietary technology developed by the manufacturer: not standard fire drying, but steam treatment. There is no tobacco syrup, flavorings, and genetically modified foods in Karelia cigarettes.

Karelia does not give out the complete secret of manufacturing its products. But we have got to know that during drying, no oxygen enters the tobacco leaves, moisture evaporates, starch is converted to sugar. As a result of processing, the quality of tobacco improves; it becomes sweet in taste and oily.