The shopping of cigarettes online has become especially relevant during the pandemic. But he had many advantages before that. It is difficult to overestimate the impact of the pandemic on people’s consumer views – after the first wave, people realized that it was necessary to correctly plan purchases. Almost 40% of respondents preferred online trading platforms to traditional stores, while they noted that their cost level also decreased. For many, marketplaces have become a revelation, because previously the level of user confidence in online stores left much to be desired. However, the pandemic has greatly accelerated the development of digital platforms, and now it is difficult to imagine what would happen if there were no online stores that offer cigarettes online.

The convenience of shopping for cigarettes online has been appreciated even by the most serious skeptics. To get a new dress, shoes or phone, you no longer need to get to a physical store, look for the right product between the aisles, communicate with consultants and stand in lines – a couple of clicks, and the right thing is already rushing to you.

In addition to the fact that online shopping is much faster and more convenient than usual, there are at least five more reasons to shop online more often. Online shopping can be much more profitable than usual, because discounts are more common here than in stores. In addition to seasonal sales, retailers run spontaneous promotions that include current collections. In order not to miss out on profitable discounts, you need to subscribe to the newsletter from your favorite brand. By the way, closed sales are sometimes held for regular customers.

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