San Marino is a tiny state located in Italy where you can purchase discount cigarettes.
As in other European countries, San Marino has a law aimed at protecting the population from tobacco smoke. Smoking is prohibited in most public places, such as:
Schools and universities.

Kindergartens and playgrounds.
Hospitals, clinics, hospitals.
Shops, supermarkets, shopping centers.
Public transport.
Theaters and cinemas.
Museums, exhibitions, galleries.
State and municipal institutions.
Other crowded places.
In 2008, a law regulating smoking in a car was introduced in San Marino. From now on, smoking while driving is strictly prohibited. Violation is punishable with a fine of 100 euros, which will be discharged immediately. The fine will be twice higher if the driver is caught for the same offense a second time within a year.
Passengers in the car may smoke, but only if the driver does not mind. Otherwise, the smoking passenger will also be fined.

It is believed that smoking and driving cause a large number of accidents on the roads. The smoking driver is not focused enough, often distracted from the road to shake off the ashes or put out a cigarette, and may either be the cause of a car accident or not have time to prevent the dangerous situation created by other drivers.
Prices for cigarettes in San Marino enable to order discount cigarettes.
Prices in San Marino are about 20% lower than in Italy. This also applies to cigarettes.
Despite the fact that San Marino is a duty-free zone, the import of cigarettes into the country is strictly limited. The number of tobacco products allowed for transportation is as follows:
When entering from outside the EU (optional): 200 cigarettes, 100 small cigars, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco.
At the entrance from the territory of the European Union (optional): 800 cigarettes, 400 small cigars, 200 cigars, 1000 grams of tobacco.