The brand dates back to 1904. Henri Wintermans cigarettes are a popular brand of cigars manufactured by Henri Wintermans, a company based in the Netherlands. This brand offers different types of cigarettes including mini, short and long cigarettes. Henri Wintermans is known for its high-quality tobacco and meticulous craftsmanship.

Cigarettes from this company can be found in various tobacco stores, but the best solution is to order them online. Popular lines of Henri Wintermans cigarettes include: Henri Wintermans Half Corona: This is one of the most famous varieties of Henri Wintermans tobacco. It is characterized by its moderate size and mild flavor.

Henri Wintermans Café Crème: mini cigarettes with a delicate flavor suitable for short breaks or for those who prefer smaller cigars. Henri Wintermans Slims: Slims Henri Wintermans cigarettes have a reduced thickness, which may be preferable for some smokers.

If you love cigarettes and you like high quality tobacco, Henri Wintermans cigarettes are the best choice for you.

It is possible to order this brand of cigarettes with the help of a web resource. Users have long appreciated the charms of online shopping for cigarettes, because it is convenient, practical and takes much less time than traditional trips to tobacco boutiques. Especially relevant shopping on the Internet became during the pandemic, because it was one of the few available ways to buy something.

When you place an order on the online platform, you get a lot of bonuses – fast delivery, reasonable price, and discounts on your favorite products.

What are Henri wintermans cigarettes?

This brand covers all cigarette formats, depending on the time to smoke that is preferred by each smoker independently. They can be either filtered or unfiltered, total dependence on the customer preferences. The flavor and aroma of Henri Wintermans tobacco depends on the type of tobacco selected. Usually, the Indonesian tobacco sorts are used for the production of these cigarettes. The aroma and flavor of tobacco is characterized by woody notes, spices, coffee, chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Choose tobacco according to the flavor you are interested in. For more information about Henri Wintermans tobacco types and their flavor profiles, please contact our tobacco specialist online.