Rothmans cigarettes have several qualities that are highly regarded these days – the quality and retail price of the product. Until recently, this well-known brand was sold at a higher price point. Only now the board of the company decided to expand the circle of its customers by reducing the cost without compromising the quality. This is incredibly good news for many lovers of this brand, because they will be able to purchase Rothmans at a lower cost.

The Rothmans cigarettes brand

The founder of the brand is Louis Rothman, who opened a tobacco company in 1890. In the future, several mergers of the company were made, resulting in the emergence of Rothmans International, it occupies the fourth position in the world in terms of production. 1999 for the company was marked by a new merger with the second largest tobacco company in the world, British American Tobacco.

There is no dispute about preferences, but the indisputable fact is that British American Tobacco specialists, who have been working in the tobacco industry for more than a hundred years and keep the company in leading positions, understand their business. And the products of this tobacco company are always associated with a quality product.

How to become a Rothmans cigarettes owner

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In 2020, the Rothmans cigarettes celebrated their 40th birthday. For 40 years, the brand has become popular in many countries around the world and has significantly expanded its product line. Today in stores you can buy classic, flavored and slim cigarettes of this brand. The common advantages of all items are: the highest quality raw materials, rich taste and aroma of selected tobacco, affordable price.

Want to try something new? Order Rothmans Demi with capsule. It will allow you to turn a classic cigarette into a flavored one with one click. You can enjoy the aroma of selected tobacco without additives or appreciate how it combines with the scent of ripe melon.