The old friends of many smokers, buying discount cigarettes on web stores are Benson & Hedges classic cigarettes, originating from Northern Ireland, which history began in 1885. At that time, this brand won the European market. Since 1900, the British manufacturer was able to expand the business and founded branches in Canada and the United States. A scrupulous approach to the quality of products and the original blend allowed the brand to prove itself as a time-tested brand, which guarantees an amazing taste and aroma while smoking.

In 1958, the American cigarette brand Benson & Hedges was bought by the tobacco giant Philip Morris, and in 1960 the British and Canadian offices of the manufacturer. From this moment, the rapid growth of brand popularity and its expansion around the world as discount cigarettes was started. Today, Benson & Hedges cigarettes are distributed in golden-colored, silver-colored and green-colored packs. Each color refers to the specific preferences of customers. Seeing a pack color, a customer is able to understand whether cigarettes are light or they have a rich taste and rich flavor. Green packaging is aimed at the tobacco consumers who like menthol cigarettes with a cool, breath-freshening aftertaste. This is an approach to each group of tobacco consumers who seek for discount cigarettes. A smart marketing decision, isn’t it? Consumers do not need to spend time for reading of package inscriptions. They just have a look at the package color and realize whether it is their favorite taste or not!

A distinctive feature of Benson & Hedges cigarettes is a blend of tobacco Virginia. Unlike the classic “American blend”, the British tobacco blend includes the varieties of tobacco Virginia, Full Flavor as well as Medium Flavor. If you decide to buy Benson & Hedges, you immediately appreciate their taste, due to the unusual, saturated piquant tobacco blend of the British style.
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