Today there will be a review of the novelty – Compact Camel cigarettes. Calling these cigarettes a “novelty” can only be a stretch, since they appeared back in 2020. The appearance of these cigarettes on the market was not the only reason for the review. The most significant of these, perhaps, were the forest comments from smokers who tried the new Camel cigarettes. Among other things, these cigarettes have a price that cannot be called high in 2021.

The pack is classic for all versions of Compact Camel cigarettes, there is nothing new here. After opening the pack, the smoker is greeted by an interesting design of cigarette filters. The image on the filter repeats the name of the brand itself. It looks interesting enough.

The packaging of Camel cigarettes is tight. It is clear that this compact, and there is less tobacco, but we assure you, we have seen “slim” cigarettes that can be used instead of thread while sewing – they were so lethargic. The smell from an open pack evokes memories of the blue variation of Camel cigarettes, a kind of echo of something milky.

In smoking, you can feel the milky sweetness of the blue Camel, and a little “spice, sandiness” of the yellow variation. Simply put, the manufacturer took the best and most basic features of the two existing Camel variations and added them to the Compact. The filter has a sealed mouthpiece with acetate fiber, acetate fiber and a carbon filter. LSS technology is also present.

Camel is a word, a name that is famous in Australia. You can also buy Camel cigarettes in a classic cigarette brand version: in the normal King Size pack, as Big Pack, Maxi Pack up to 4XL pack and in 100mm format. It is the typical Turkish & American blend tobacco that distinguishes these Camel cigarettes and also manages to show their unique features.

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