The third generation of smoking systems went on sale in November 2018. Iqos heets Green Sticks were introduced to match.

Iqos heets Green Stick is characterized by a natural taste without artificial flavors. Smoking the stick produces a pleasant spice and lime flavor with a sweet and sour aftertaste that is somewhat milder than similar products from the competition. The flavor bouquet is reminiscent of green tea.

It should be noted that the non-intrusive smoothness of the pronounced fruit flavor is the “hidden taste” of Iqos Green Stick. In terms of strength, the flavors are suitable for those who decide to replace traditional cigarettes with smoking utensils or sticks. iqos Heats Green Sticks’ flavor assortment – Fresh Menthol, Topical Thyme.

The key indicators that influence consumer choice are flavor and saturation. The combination of menthol and citrus creates a flavor that is attractive to both novice and experienced smokers as it is medium strength, does not cause throat discomfort and has an optimal satiating taste.

The original flavors of iqos heets Green sticks for iqosdevices invite you into a world of true enjoyment. The carefully selected tobaccos in each stick create unique flavors that evoke memories and pleasant feelings. The rich, deep flavors give Terea sticks for iqos devices their unique character.

Rest assured that iqos heets Green sticks for iqos devices meet the highest quality and safety standards. Each pack undergoes rigorous testing to ensure an unforgettable smoking experience with every stick. The manufacturers of iqos heets Green Sticks strive to offer the best combination of flavor, style and innovation.

Choose an iqos heets Green Stick for your iqos device and take your smoking experience to the next level. A wide variety of flavors and a solid smoking experience await you. Discover a world of new possibilities.

Tobacco iqos heets Green sticks for iqos devices are the perfect combination of high-quality tobacco and innovative heating technology. The sticks are made from premium tobacco and deliver a rich and sophisticated flavor that you will enjoy throughout your session.

Iqos heets Green sticks are a real challenge for your taste buds. The unique harmony of spice, sweetness and tingle gives this sweet a special charm. The intense flavor and smoothness of Sticky Hits Purple Wave will captivate all gourmets.

Iqos heets Green stick is the magic ingredient that makes every dessert perfect and unique. Let your imagination run wild and add it to your favorite ice cream.