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Nicotine is a component of the tobacco plant. The plant produces the substance in the roots, but nicotine is stored in the leaves. Since the nicotine passes into the tobacco smoke during the burning process, the nicotine content of cigarettes is determined using a standardized procedure with the help of a smoking machine.

A standardized method is used to determine the tar content of strong cigarettes. The quantity of particles produced during the combustion process is relevant for the determination. The smoking process is simulated with the help of a special machine. Both the weight of the nicotine and the weight of the trapped water vapor are subtracted from the weight of the particles that have finally collected in the filter. The weight that comes out is ultimately the tar content of a cigarette.

When plant matter such as wood is burned, carbon monoxide is produced. This also happens with smoking. For this reason, the maximum permitted carbon monoxide content in a cigarette has been limited to 10 milligrams.

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