Parliament Cigarettes are created by Philip Morris Company. This is one of the most popular brands around the world. Parliament Cigarettes are used in the film industry, in advertising and are in great demand among smokers. Cigarettes of this brand are divided into different types and have a rather interesting history of creation. The main target audience of this brand is people from 21 to 50 years of medium or large income.

According to the producers of these cigarettes, consumers of Parliament Cigarettes clearly know what they want from life and achieve their goals. Producers emphasize that Parliament is an elite brand, which is not available to everyone. To express their position, manufacturers are trying to design a pack and cigarettes, which all show their belonging to the upper class.

For many years, Philip Morris is engaged in the production of tobacco products, which is highly respected among consumers. Although the factory produces tobacco for other brands, cigarettes “Parliament” are rightfully considered one of the best. That is why they are mainly consumed by middle-class or upper-class people, rich people. In addition, they are bought by those who want to appear richer. According to the manufacturers, they are the least harmful of all, thanks to the installed filter, which neutralizes harmful substances.

The brand appeared in 1938, but at first the products were sold only in North America. Into the European and Russian market, the brand came out in the early 70’s. It is considered the first of the American tobacco brands, which entered the mass world market. And in Europe it is more popular than in America. Tobacco products of this brand are created from elite tobacco, which gives them a pleasant taste. High quality gives a relaxing effect, which will be appreciated by all successful people. A huge range allows you to choose suitable for everyone. Each species has individual properties that will find response even in the most demanding consumer.