In 1933, B&W launched KOOL cigarettes, the first U.S. brand of menthol distributed nationwide. In 1936, B&W introduced Viceroy as the industry’s first cork-tipped filter product. In 1952, B&W began selling Viceroy with a new cellulose acetate filter.

Fans of old movies remember how beautifully movie heroes smoke Kool cigarettes. The image is the following: Presentable men, tightened by fragrant smoke, languid beauties, gracefully shaking off the ashes. The directors liked to show the smoking procedure on television screens, especially in silent films.

And are there any rules on how to properly smoke cigarettes in order to at least slightly become like beauties from the canvases of the screen? In the process of smoking there is nothing complicated, but this old hobby has its own characteristics, subtleties and nuances. Let’s take a tour of smoking etiquette.

When smoking, Kool cigarettes will have to be held with your fingers. How to hold a cigarette to make it beautiful? Strict rules on smoking etiquette on this issue do not exist. But specialists in the release of fragrant smoke have a lot of their options:

Classic. The cigarette is held between the middle/index finger. In the classical version, it is placed between the first / second joint. The palm itself “looks” down. Refinement. From the classic differs only in that when holding a cigarette, the palm is not directed to the floor, but turned to the smoker with fingers up. Simplicity. A cigarette when smoking gives an emphasis on the middle finger, while the index finger wraps it around the top. The limb itself is in a relaxed state, and the handful can be both turned to the smoker and lowered down.

Affectation. The cigarette is clamped with the thumb/index finger, the whole palm is open, demonstrating the grace of the wrist. Or he turns his attention to beautiful and expensive watches, bracelets. Secrecy. If you have to smoke in places that are not intended for this, this method will be the way out. The cigarette in the hand is held, as in the previous case (pointing / large), but the handful is clenched into a fist, “hidden”.

We know some secrets about how to smoke Kool cigarettes. Visit us and we will tell you.