Sobranie cigarettes are one of the oldest brands of tobacco products that managed to carry their traditions through the centuries. The first Sobranie cigarettes were made by hand in 1879, but soon the manufactory entered industrial turnover.

Interestingly, Sobranie cigarettes are of English origin. On the other hand, their appearance became possible with the light hand of the diplomats of the Russian Empire, who founded the aristocratic club “Russian Assembly” in London. It was within its walls that the first cigarettes with a classic-grind tobacco mixture began to be made. For luxury cigarettes, only high quality Virginia, Oriental and Burley tobaccos were used.

Initially, Sobranie cigarettes were positioned as elite smoking items. Particular attention was paid to the quality of the smoking mixture and the paper in which the tobacco was wrapped. The product was sold packed in a box of expensive thick cardboard with a gilded print, reminiscent of the coat of arms of the times of Tsarist Russia. Excellent quality and correct positioning of products managed to attract the attention of the ruling courts of Russia, Great Britain, Romania and Greece. Collection cigarettes have become an invariable attribute of the upper classes, a part of the aristocratic image!

For about a hundred years, the Sobranie cigarettes brand was owned by members of the Redstone family. Only in 1980, the eminent manufacturer gave way to the English conglomerate Gallaher Group, to which it was sold. Currently, the Sobranie cigarettes brand belongs to one of the leaders in the production of tobacco products of Japan Tobacco. It is noteworthy that even after 100 years of success, the cigarettes, which are produced under the Sobranie brand, are still positioned as a premium product.

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