Recently, interesting findings were published, explaining why people buy cheap cigarettes online. According to the statements of American scientists, people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease are less likely to smoke and excessive coffee consumption than their healthy brothers and sisters. According to the views of researchers they say that coffee and nicotine really can protect the brain against alarming neurodegenerative disease.

The link of smoking with the reduced risk of Parkinsonism development has long been known to scientists. At the same time, many experts consider Parkinson’s disease to be conditional with the help of the genetic level; with the absence of tendency to smoking in patients with Parkinson’s can be explained by the same genetic characteristics.
To test this guess, the researchers from the Institute of Miami decided to evaluate the link between Parkinson’s and smoking, as well as the excessive coffee consumption by the example of patients with Parkinson’s and their immediate family, who own a similar genotype.
The study was attended by 356 patients with Parkinson’s and 317 of the brothers and sisters who have reached the age where their relatives showed the first signs of the disease. The results showed that smoking among patients with Parkinson’s was 40% less than in healthy participants, and experienced smokers were observed 50% more rarely among them. These were persons who buy cheap cigarettes online.

Among the participants in the study there were also observed 40% less coffee drinkers who consumed more than three cups of beverage per day.
The study authors noted that the reasons due to which drinking coffee and smoking reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease development, in general, remain unknown. At the same time, this pattern may be due to the influence of the products on dopamine metabolism.
It is known that Parkinson’s is caused by the massive loss of neurons that produce the neurotransmitter. At the same time as coffee and nicotine as well are capable to increase its level in the brain. Additionally, some studies suggest that nicotine may block production of neurotoxins destroying dopamine-producing nerve cells.