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Where does the Marlboro come from before you can purchase cheap cigarettes in Australia? Over 100 years ago, in 1902, the Marlboro was developed by the English cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris in New York. Initially, this brand was intended as a woman’s cigarette, which was labeled as subtle like May. Even then, it was the manufacturer’s driving force and one of the world’s best-selling cigarettes from Philip Morris. The Marlboro was named after a street in London, the “Great Marlborough Street”.

The former supremacy, which the brand had before World War II, was undermined after 1945 by Camel Chesterfield and Lucky Strike and eventually even pushed out of the market. The Marlboro filter was launched in the mid-1950s. With this and a sophisticated strategy plan, the company wanted to regain its old dominance on the market.

The targeted campaign was launched to improve the image of the brand. The Marlboro-Country advertising campaign. It was here that the well-known cowboy came into the spotlight for the first time, and who became known worldwide as the “Marlboro Man” until the late 1980s. Even non-smokers are familiar with the term. Until then, only the camel had a similar image and trademark with its camel as a logo (the picture shows a dromedary and not a camel).

For example, the cigarette brand Marlboro Red became very well known through the cowboy from cinema advertising. A feeling of freedom was conveyed here to show that this cigarette is something special, unique. Especially in times of the Cold War, this image of strength and willpower came in handy.

The brand gained another significant influence as a sponsor in Formula 1. The manufacturer Philip Morris was the main sponsor of the Ferrari racing team for a long time. Thus, the striking lettering of the Marlboro Red could be seen everywhere on the racing cars. Even among non-smokers, the brand achieved a relatively high level of awareness.

What pack sizes and values ​​of Marlboro are there to purchase cheap cigarettes in Australia? The range of this variety ranges from strong to medium to ultra subtle. It has a length of 85 mm and therefore belongs to the “king size” format of cigarettes.