It is noteworthy that due to the high cost, the Dunhill brand was initially popular among smokers with good incomes. It was prior to the 21st century when smokers managed to find cheap cigarettes on web stores.
Having a huge spread over the world, the Dunhill brand tries to constantly offer the buyer all new solutions and cheap cigarettes as well as improved flavors of tobacco products. The most in-demand cigarettes are:
Dunhill White – 1 mg tar, 0.1 mg nicotine (the pack has a beige color with a ribbed surface).
Dunhill Gold – 4 mg tar, 0.4 mg nicotine (the pack has a silver tint).
Dunhill Blue – 7 mg tar, 0.7 mg nicotine (the color of the pack is blue).
Dunhill Red – 10 mg tar, 0.9 mg nicotine (the color of the pack is red).

Smokers choose the Dunhill Fine Cut lines:
White – tar content of 4 mg, nicotine content – 0.4 mg (a pack of white, slightly elongated).
Blue – 4 mg of tar, 0.4 mg of nicotine (pack of blue, elongated).
Dark Blue – 7 mg of tar, 0.7 mg of nicotine (dark-blue colored pack, elongated).
Black – 10 mg of tar, 0.9 mg of nicotine (considered to be truly masculine).
Dunhill Top Leaf – packaged in a dark red pack of large size.

In Europe, the following types are common:
Dunhill Lights Fine Cut – light cheap cigarettes produced in Holland.

Dunhill Fine Cut Series:
How to choose cigarettes Blonde – Very light, made in Switzerland.
Master Blend – light.
Black – The strongest and heaviest are considered masculine.
Dunhill Frost – very light cigarettes.
Dunhill International – Red and Blue are common in the USA.
The standard length of a cigarette is 100 mm, they are all filtered. The difference of all types of these products consists in different degrees of strength. The quality of tobacco is maintained due to proper processing of tobacco sheets, careful drying and their subsequent storage. Sheet cutting is carried out in thin strips.