Amphora cigarettes are a true legend in the tobacco world and were a particularly popular brand during the 1970s and 1980s. They are produced in large quantities and are enjoyed by many smokers around the world. A pleasant flavor combined with a low price makes this pipe tobacco ideal for everyday use.

Today, it is not surprising that more and more people prefer to buy Amphora cigarettes in online stores. There are many advantages to this way of selecting and buying products.

One advantage of online stores is their low prices. As a rule, such retailers do not need to rent large retail spaces or pay the salaries of numerous employees. As a result, online shoppers can purchase goods at favorable prices.

It should also be remembered that purchasing goods in an online store saves additional costs. For example, there is no need to spend money on gasoline or public transportation to the store. In addition, there is no temptation to make additional purchases because the products are attractively displayed.

The online store offers convenient payment methods, including an electronic payment system, making the payment process fast and easy. Purchases can be delivered directly to the door, which is very convenient, especially for large items.

The online store regularly offers promotions, allowing buyers to save even more money. The above advantages make online shopping a convenient and attractive option for many people. The speed of ordering, wide selection, and favorable prices all make online stores attractive to the modern consumer.

What are Amphora cigarettes?

Amphora cigarettes are considered an excellent flavored Cavendish tobacco with a delicate, surprisingly mild flavor and a fruity, chocolatey aroma. Virginia tobacco, which has been produced for over 150 years, is used to give Amphora cigarettes a slightly sweet aftertaste. The tobacco is not dry, slightly oily to the touch, easy to rub, reddish brown in color, and moderately sliced. Strength is medium. These cigarettes are burning well, leaving a bitter chocolate flavor. Original Blend is an aromatic tobacco, which is perhaps why it is highly praised by some pipe smokers. Incidentally, the Amphora cigarettes have a very strong aroma. However, Mac Ballen’s version is much milder, with the aromatic intensity reaching the level of a topping flavor, at which point the “chocolate” sensation comes more from the aroma of the pot than from the actual smoke.