Philip Morris continues to develop its tobacco stick line, releasing a new product every year. The IQOS HEETS Yellow HeatSticks series includes 6 standard flavors, among which the IQOS HEETs Yellow HeatSticks sticks are considered the most classic one. This type, like orange, appeared on the market in 2018, becoming one of the most popular flavors, especially among novice users of the tobacco heating system.

IQOS HEETS Yellow HeatSticks: The design of IQOS HEETS Yellow HeatSticks is made in a traditional laconic style. The compact package measuring 7.5×5 cm has a modest design, typical for the entire standard Heets series – the inscription is applied in relief letters on a white background, the top of the valve is painted yellow. The number of stickers is 20, 10 in each section.

The IQOS HEETS Yellow HeatSticks taste has a mild tobacco flavor of Virginia, Burley, Oriental varieties. In terms of strength, it resembles traditional class 4-6 cigarettes with an approximate nicotine content of 1 mg / sig. When smoked, a light spice aroma is felt. This option is great for new users, especially those who have previously smoked light to medium cigarettes, but then decided to switch to IQOS.

The IQOS HEETS Yellow HeatSticks are short, stretch easily, do not tear the throat and produce little smoke, while allowing you to smoke. They are great for daily consumption, but will seem rather weak to experienced smokers. The IQOS HEETS Yellow HeatSticks filter is strong, without a mouthpiece and inscriptions, does not wrinkle in the lips and practically does not differ from a cigarette filter.

HEETS and IQOS offer a new experience. On the one hand, similar to what you are used to. On the other hand, with new tastes, aromas and sensations of IQOS HEETS Yellow HeatSticks. You can definitely choose something to your liking: all you need to do is to order IQOS HEETS Yellow HeatSticks in our online shop. The rest will be our care!