The main raw material of LD cigarettes is high-quality tobacco, which provides tobacco products with unique tastes and aromas. LD cigarettes are produced on professional equipment. The reputation of the JTI company is quite high in the world arena, which makes the sales of tobacco products even more voluminous.

The taste and aroma of LD cigarettes differs from competitors and has a large army of fans. The basic line of LD cigarettes is produced in King Size format, standard length is 83 mm, King Size Slims – 83 mm, Superslims – 100 mm. All product lines of LD cigarettes differ in strength (amount of nicotine and tar), aroma, type of tobacco mixture, and form factor.

In addition to the lines listed below, LD has launched a new product called L.D. Select, which costs more than the classic lines. These LD cigarettes are made from seven types of elite tobaccos and are distinguished by a high-quality charcoal filter. The packaging is made in an original style. The marketing department of the company, responsible for the LD cigarettes line, is constantly studying the needs of the target audience. Recent studies have shown that LD cigarettes in the Superslims form factor are chosen not only by women, but also by a large number of smoking men.

LD cigarettes

What are LD cigarettes?

The full range of LD cigarettes is available in our online store. We are happy to send you our best-price offers and delivery options to let you order these LD cigarettes. The factory, once owned by Liggett Ducat, continues to operate and produce LD cigarettes. Initially, the species differed only in strength, but over time, the first menthol-flavored LD cigarettes were released. The pack was rebranded in 2010. The manufacturer set the task for the British designers to develop a new image for the LD cigarettes. The pack has undergone dramatic changes. The design became attractive and stylish, while the price of cigarettes did not rise much, the cost remained affordable for buyers. The manufacturer decided not to invest much money in advertising and marketing, but the demand for LD cigarettes did not fall.