Tobacco addiction covers not only men, but also the beautiful half of humanity. Esse cigarettes, known for their variety, are popular among the daughters of Eve; KT&G entered the Russian market in 2003 and still holds the first place in the segment of fine female tobacco.

Residents of Asian countries are active consumers of tobacco products. This fact stimulates the development of Asian tobacco companies. A major player in the tobacco products market is the South Korean company Korea Tomorrow & Global (KT&G), which offers more than 100 different brands, the most famous of which is Esse cigarettes.

KT&G uses high-end tobaccos from around the world in its products. However, most of the tobacco is produced from its own harvest. Special attention is paid to the cultivation of high quality tobacco. The company has developed fertilizers specifically for the plantations and attracted the best agricultural specialists.

This approach ensures a constant two-year supply of high-quality raw materials. Even large tobacco producers cannot afford it.

KT&G products have been known all over the world for a century, and the variety of assortment is amazing. The most successful brand produced by the company is undoubtedly Esse cigarettes.

As Esse grew in popularity, so did the variety. Different flavored varieties appeared. The manufacturer made bold and creative decisions in the production of its products, introducing mixed flavors and new unusual aromas.

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What are Esse cigarettes?

The brand of Esse cigarettes is known for its unique characteristics that set it apart from other manufacturers. These characteristics include all the components of a classic tobacco product: The outside and inside of the pack (including the lettering). Tobacco shape. A unique approach to tobacco composition. The shape of the tobacco is more elongated compared to the conventional type. The pack is made using pieces of different colored shells, which are then coated with a thin layer of varnish. The outer and inner films are holographic embossed. The original image of a flower in the pack is supplemented with colored smoke.