Packs with a purple label have iqos heets Purple sticks, presumably related to the blueberry flavor. The manufacturer promises Wild Berry flavor and menthol.

The new iqos heets Purple sticks are a blend of tobacco blend, wild berry and menthol. The mini cigarettes also have a modest flavor, but more candy-like than their predecessors. When smoking, the heated tobacco and menthol are felt first, followed by the berry notes.

The flavor is a combination of blackberries, black currants and a hint of something between blueberries and blueberries. It’s quite a pleasant combination, and the freshness of the menthol is quite tolerable, although I’m not a fan of this component. The richness and strength of this mini tobacco is medium, but the flavor is very bright. I liked the novelty of it. A great choice for the warmer seasons, but also good in the winter for a change.

Iqos heets Purple is perfect for fans of berry sticks with a menthol refreshing flavor. It was found out it didn’t pair well with coffee, but goes well with tea.

The heating process of tobacco in the iqos device consists of two stages: heating and warming. As a result of heating, the tobacco does not burn, but only vaporizes, releasing nicotine and aromatic substances. This eliminates many of the negative effects of smoking conventional cigarettes, such as strong odor, ash and tar.

One of the main advantages of the innovative tobacco heating technology is that it can be used indoors; iqos heets Purple sticks are also popular with many smokers because they provide a smoker with a smoother and more comfortable smoking experience than traditional cigarettes.

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In addition, an important factor is the quality and composition of the sticks. Different manufacturers use different ingredients and manufacturing techniques, which can affect the flavor and quality of the sticks. Therefore, when choosing one or another type of sticks, pay attention to the manufacturer and composition of the product, as well as refer to our recommendations.