Kent cigarettes are the real innovative hits in the market of tobacco products. Despite being satisfied with the late start in the branch of cigarette production, the brand Kent quickly obtained true fans and rapidly reached the leading sales position in the market of tobacco products.

For the first time, Kent Cigarettes appeared in 1952 on the shelves of tobacco stores. The founder of the company was the American businessman Herbert Kent, who immediately decided that his goods should meet high quality standards and be positioned as a superior brand.

As a filler, the classic “American Blend” blend was chosen. The 7 centimeter long cigarettes were produced by machining techniques and were packed into beautiful soft packs. However, the popularity of the brand was not brought by advertising and competent positioning only, but by innovations in the field of smoking as well. The Kent cigarettes were the first filtered ones.

The company did not stop there and set a goal to regularly surprise its customers with novelties and the highest achievements in the field of cigarette production.

It is noteworthy, but menthol cigarettes were the first to appear in the assortment of the advanced Kent-branded cigarettes. It is interesting that the manufacturer provided several options at once, so that smokers, who loved the menthol aftertaste, could choose a pack of suitable strength. The next innovation is a coal-acetate filter, which reduces the flow of tar into the respiratory tract. Also, a gelatin capsule with menthol was added, letting the inhaled fumes be satisfied with the aroma and taste of menthol. The buyers can choose, smoke cigarettes of a classic form or refresh the tobacco with a menthol capsule.

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