Parker&Simpson cigarettes are the product of the British cigarette factory in Nottingham. They have a bright and pleasant taste with the notes of chocolate and coffee with spices, something reminiscent of the real Davidoff and Rothmans. Perhaps even too bright.
Quickly do not burn, but have a saturated smoke, soft and light taste. Are distributed at an affordable price on online shops where you can order them as discount cigarettes.
The composition of cigarettes Parker & Simpson is:

Nicotine: 0.5
Tar: 6
Let’s start with tobacco in these cigarettes.
Cigarettes are not bitter; they have an extremely good taste and do not strangle anything in the throat.
We recommend ordering them as discount cigarettes to those who love inexpensive and high-quality cigarettes. In any case, you can expect good quality from these cigarettes.
In any case, many of our friends think so. We were often invited to come and try them for a change. At that time, three people came together and tried these cigarettes. The impression is completely positive; the taste of cigarettes is rich. And the fact that there is a carbon filter-mouthpiece – almost not felt. The tutu opens uncommonly: With the help of these cigarettes, with the stylized inscription “P & S”, it is necessary to move the inner case upwards. What we will somehow try to illustrate in the photo.

Some believe that it is not worth buying. The type is inexpensive, the brand is not very famous and some other arguments like these ones. Everyone has an own opinion, of course. However, it is well known that lesser known and cheaper brands can in practice prove to be better than more expensive ones. Well, everyone chooses what is personally liked. And our opinion about the cigarettes Parker & Simpson is as we affirm: Excellent and quality cigarettes in a stylish and spectacular packaging, and even at a very reasonable price. This is what we recommend! Try to order them as discount cigarettes.