LD Cigarettes are an abbreviation for Liggett Ducat. This is the name of the company that produces the product data. Nowadays, it is part of Japan Tobacco International. The brand is a representative of classic American brands. Nowadays, for the production of these products the tobacco blends are used, which are manufactured in the United States.

Initially, these cigarettes were divided into three types only and were differed from each other only by their strength.

The LD brand has three classic types of cigarettes. These include LD Red, LD Lights, LD Super Lights. This range does not include any aromatic additives.

After the appearance of the species LD Superslims, a research was led, which stated that these cigarettes are preferred not only by women, but also by men. Even though their packaging was purely intended for the female consumers. This interest of male smokers to thin cigarettes led to the creation of a new line, namely the LD Club (club). Cigarettes of the club series have a length of 84 mm and are available in stylish packages, these cigarettes are typically black-colored. This product line is popular among both male and female tobacco smokers. An innovative idea was the use of special paper, which made it possible to produce brown-colored cigarettes.

In the modern market, there are several types related to this series, such as the cigarettes LD Club Lounge (lounge), LD Club Gold, LD Club Platinum, as well as cigarettes LD Blue. After a while, the range was enlarged with LD Select. Their distinctive feature is the presence of carbon filters. Such a filter is very effective in purifying the body from harmful substances.

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