Kiss cigarettes are in great demand among the female smoking public. And it’s not surprising, because their diverse types are able to attract the attention of every lover of tobacco products. There is an impressive number of different flavors what the reason for the popularity of this brand is.

What attracts women so much is the pleasant smell of a green apple or caramel instead of the usual tobacco flavor.

In addition, the product has unusual taste qualities, which are obtained due to the fact that a hookah blend is added to the tobacco. This makes the taste of cigarettes completely different and differentiates it from similar tobacco products. Nowadays, this brand is one of the most popular tobacco products among the entire range of the, which are produced for smoking and are specially created for women. It is worthy of competition to such brands as Vogue or Glamour or other world-known brands.

The attention is not only attracted by the taste variety of this product, but also by the bright design of its packaging. To make these packs stand out among others, they were designed by Italian specialists. The preference was given to the flower decoration. Each flavor has its own specific color. For example, the strawberry flavor is demonstrated by the red-colored package and so on.

Each smoke of these cigarettes is like a kiss what is confirmed by the brand name. The most important goal of developing the cigarettes of Kiss brand is the creation of light cigarettes, which have a very nice aroma. These cigarettes contain only 0.6 mg of nicotine, which makes this product a good option for those who are trying to become smokers of light cigarettes.

Well, cigarettes are as unique as the tastes of smokers and those who love light cigarettes have a chance to order the Kiss cigarettes in our online store at moderate prices!