Lucky Strike cigarettes are a brand of American cigarettes. One of the oldest cigarette brands dates back to 1871. In 1905, it was acquired by the American Tobacco Company (ATC), which later became British American Tobacco. So, the history of Lucky Strike cigarettes began in the XIX century. In the famous “tobacco” state of Virginia in 1871, the company R.A. Patterson registered it for sale … no cigarettes, they will be invented a little later. Legend has it that R.A. Patterson bought a tobacco factory that initially, under the brand name “Successful Hit” pressed tobacco was produced and sold to the population. However, for a long time this brand did not stand out for anything special and was only one of many in the United States.

That all changed when, in 1905, Lucky Strike decided to buy the American Tobacco Company. Not just to buy, but also to earn on the “Hit”. Marketers bet on a sonorous name that fully corresponded to the spirit of the times, and what is there, the most American dream. One successful investment could bring millions of green papers. And the ability to seize the moment and bet on luck was valued higher than deep knowledge and practical experience. The consumer immediately noted the new Lucky Strike brand, but the real explosion was ahead.

In 1916, the brand began production of cigarettes, and a year later, wanting to get ahead of competitors, applied a truly innovative method of preparing tobacco. If others dried tobacco leaves under the rays of the sun, then the manufacturers of Lucky Strike cigarettes went further and began to fry them. Due to toasterization (that’s how this process was called), a caramelization reaction occurred in the leaves. Thanks to the latter, tobacco not only turned out to be fragrant, but also acquired a chocolate and coffee taste.

Lucky Strike cigarettes labeled “It’s Toasted” began to quickly squeeze competitors. Many tobacco manufacturers immediately began to experiment with drying modes. So, it was necessary to look for new ways to promote the goods.